More, vote for So & So for Congress Bumper Stickers- rather than posting them individually, I thought we could start a thread-

Tom McMasters for Congress Bumper Sticker
Promote Tom’s Campaign | McMasters for Congress, Ohio's 10th District

Steve Cohen for Congress Bumper Sticker- TN
Bumper Sticker - Steve Cohen for Congress

John Spratt for Congress
- South Carolina
Spratt for Congress Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker (3x10 inches) from Irregular Times

Pace For Congress - Colorado
Get a Pace for Congress bumper sticker today! | Pace for Colorado

Dave treen for Congress- Louisiana
Dave Treen for Louisiana Congress Bumper Sticker

Fretts for Congress- FL
Fretts For Congress bumper stickers! | Fretts for Congress 2012, FL-01

Joe Wilson for Congress

Get a “Stand with Joe” Bumper Sticker : Joe Wilson for Congress

Marcy Winograd for Congress
Marcy Winograd for Congress in 2011! – Progressive Bumper Sticker

Dennis McDonald for Congress- Montanna
Dennis McDonald For Congress :: Montana :: Get A Free Bumper Sticker

Gerry Connolly for Congress
Request a Sign Or Bumper Sticker | Gerry Connolly For Congress

Tom Cole for Congress- Ok
Stickers | Cole for Congress

Mulvaney for Congress- SC
Bumper Stickers | Mick Mulvaney for Congress - 5th Congressional District

Bob Latta for Congress-

Pantano for Congress
Bumper sticker | Pantano for Congress

As with ALL Political Freebies, this is not an endorsement, we simply share all the freebies we find.

  • If you're FOR it- send & display/use it.
  • If you're AGAINST it- send for it to diminish their supplies so they can't promote it