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My opinion is it is soooo worth it to get what the vet recommends it is DEFINATELY not worth risking your pets health getting the junk from Walmart(hartz etc.) I had a cat that suffered greatly(loss of movement, body organs shutting down, internal bleeding, lethargic, blood tranfusion, seizures etc) and then diedafter using Hartz products on her. When we got her to the vet that is the ifrst thing the vet asked is if we had used any hartz products on her cause he had seen numerous cases such as this on animals from the Hartz products. He told me that Hartz uses a pesticide in their products that used to be used as a lawn pesticide but was outlawed for its use as a lawn pesticide cause it was too toxic but yet they obviously think it is ok to use on our pets. Well it is NOT ok. I know many may have used these products with no ill effects, but I know of many(by web search I have found many web sites against them) but to me after what happened to my fur baby it is not worth the gamble to even try it, even if it means saving money. To me my pets are like my kids and I wouldn't do anything like that to risk my kids health so I don't do it to my pets either, This was just a very hard lesson that I had to learn by the loss of my cat. Below are some of the sites I have about this is you are interested-they are definitely worth the time to check out! Oh also a lot of site defend Hartz and say that they had a recall and pulled the products from the shelves, ok this they did but instead of changing the formula on all their products they merely added a warning to the label and kept the same toxic formula so that they couldn't be sued. Also be careful of even the generic formulas cause a couple of those I happened to turned over and looked at the manufacturer and it was in small print hartz mountain.



Ok off my soap box LOL. Anyway one thing that helps (naturally) with fleas is to sprinkle your floors with salt and leave for a few days and then vacum, this greatly cut down our fleas problem.

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