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Here is what this site has to offer.... Free Applique Patterns: Newest Patterns:

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    Default Free Applique Patterns - free sewing patterns - free patterns!

    Here is what this site has to offer....

    Free Applique Patterns:

    Newest Patterns:

    Iceberg Sweatshirt Pattern

    Diamonds Applique Shirt

    Birdhouse Sweatshirt

    Lacy Birdhouse Sweatshirt

    Birdhouse Trio Sweatshirt

    Butterfly House Sweatshirt

    Patchwork Star

    Basket Patch Shirt

    Dancing Stars Jumper

    Arkansas Block

    Flag T-Shirt

    Birdhouse Denim Shirt

    Sunflower Denim Shirt

    Growing Hearts T-Shirt

    Star Log Denim Shirt

    Arrow Denim Shirt

    Triangle Cardigan Jacket

    Cats and Birdhouses Shirt

    Children's Sweatshirts

    Lots O' Red Shirt

    Panel Denim Shirt

    Angel Applique Shirt

    Star Light Star Bright Shirt

    Country Stars Denim Shirt

    Autumn Harvest Shirt

    Christmas Patterns:

    Poinsettia Sweatshirt

    Christmas Denim Shirt

    Snowman Applique Shirt

    Hearts and Stars Sweatshirts

    Butterfly Denim Shirt

    Maroon Shirt

    Bird Sweatshirt Jacket

    Hearts and Stars Shirt

    Windmill Vest

    Hummingbird Shirt

    Lone Star T-Shirt

    Striped Sunburst Shirt

    SW Coyote Sweatshirt

    Horse Sweatshirt

    Golden Rod Shirt

    Southwestern Horse Shirt

    Lone Star Vest

    Pinwheel Sweatshirt

    Windmill Sweatshirt

    Stars & Stripes T-Shirt

    Clover T-Shirt

    New Section - Basic Shapes

    We have added a pattern section with basic shapes and patterns for

    applique, quilts, crafts and clipart. Many varieties in each category:

    Animal Patterns

    Bird Patterns

    Bird House Patterns

    Bug Patterns

    Butterfly Patterns

    Car Patterns

    Cat Patterns

    Christmas Patterns

    Dinosaur Patterns

    Dog Patterns

    Fish Patterns

    Flower Patterns

    Halloween Patterns

    Heart Shapes

    Moon Shapes

    Sea Creature Patterns

    Snowflake Patterns

    Southwest Patterns

    Star Shapes

    Sunbonnet Sue Patterns

    Teddy Bear Patterns

    Free Baby Quilt Pattern

    Easy Quilt Pattern

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    Default Re: Free Applique Patterns - free sewing patterns - free patterns!

    how do I get to see these posts?



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