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Genre: Games
Release Date: January 25, 2012

Brand NEW unique strategy game! Only free for 3 months, DOWNLOAD NOW!!! (Requirement:*Compatible with iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPod touch 4th generation)

Oh!Monster is brought to you by August Impression (BeiJing) Co. Ltd.


Oh!Monster is one of the top casual strategy mobile games for iPhone3GS, iTouch4, iPhone4, iPhone4S.This is the game you should download and play now. Various choices can bring you fun entertainment and amazing game play experience! Decent animation clips will also be delivered to you in between different eras.

As a super hero, you'll have to fight against hordes of monsters, protect the hourglass and ultimately, search for your lost lover and discover the evil secrets. No worries, you will not be alone! Armed yourself with different skills and weapons, summon the royal allies to fight off the monsters and Boss in different era. Uncover the mystery of chaos space-time and save the world!

Features include:
- Touching storyline, while it's full of suspense.
- 4 ancient eras (the Stone Age, Jurassic Period, New Generation and the Outer Space) and 60 waves for you to unlock.
- A wide variety of monsters to beat down!
- Fun and cute cartoon design, with humorous monster animation.
- Gorgeous special effects and exquisite artworks.
- Magnificent background music; hilarious voice over.
- Easy to manipulate, provide you a refreshing game play *experience.

Everyone can be the super hero! Pick up your phone and start the expedition now!

TIPS: Upgrade and strategize your troops is the key of defeating the challenge.

Thank you for playing! We greatly value your continued support and feedback.

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