I wanted to thank ALL of you that helped budget101 WIN the WF contest !!!

As I said, if we won, we would be purchasing some new items for prizes in our site contests. So, we now have an exciting new contest that can be entered 5x's a day, an Instant Win Scratch ticket!!

When someone wins, it not only tells them on the ticket, but immediately sends out an email confirmation.

The prizes will change Monthly and all prizes will be sent within 30 days to the winners, as per the contest rules.

This Months Prizes are:

<LI>Tilia Vacuum FoodSaver Advanced Design ( view it here: http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/product.do?cat=Small&#43;Kitchen&#43;Appliances&pi d=00869341000&vertical=APPL&subcat=Vacuum&#43;Seal ers&BV_SessionID=@@@@1672557543.1185546149@@@@&BV_ EngineID=ccdkaddligdfdlfcefecemldffidflk.0 )</LI>
<LI>Harry Potter DVD Movie</LI>
<LI>Back to School Gift Pack - a lunch sack filled with back to school supplies & goodies</LI>
<LI>Surprise Prize- anything from Gift Cards to your favorite stores, phone cards, etc</LI>[/list]

Thank you once again for all of your help, this is a big boost for us to be able to give back to our members.

You can start playing here at: http://www.budget101.com/contest1.htm