Hello – I just wanted to put my two cents into this
conversation. This is my first post to the group as I just joined a few
days ago so hopefully am doing it the right way. Every year my mom will
get my sisters and me a gift card. For a while she would buy one for JC
Penny. It would take forever for me to use it because I just do not shop
there. Then one year, she started buying those Visa cards like someone
else has mentioned. They are great and I would highly recommend them if
you are going the GC route. They can be used anywhere which is what is so
great about them. There are no store limitations (for example – a specific
store only). They can not be used for cash at an ATM – or at least
the ones we had were not like that.
I know they have not been around too many years so you can
look at your bank and see if they have them yet.
Also, once they are gone, they are gone. You can not
add money to them.
I am enjoying reading all of the tips you all have been
sending out. Thank you! I am on digest as I have way too much email
as it is now. LOL!

So I might post a day late but hopefully that is okay.