List Price: $425.00 Deal Price: $250.00 You Save: $175.00 (41%)Bold and beautiful, with a heartwarming message, this breathtaking pendant from Petra Azar's Heart of Gold collection will be a treasured token for a lifetime. A set of custom-made neodymium (rare earth) magnets are invisibly inserted into each side of the heart-shaped pendant, allowing you to open and close the necklace in the front. In the center of a satin sterling silver heart-shaped pendant lies a gold heart encased in a diamond bezel, symbolizing the compassion and love contained in the hearts of those we care about. Each pendant is inscribed with the artist's signature and the words "Heart of Gold." This piece also features Petra Azar's double extendable chain: simply hold one strand of the double chain and allow the pendant to slide down to the center, allowing you the option of wearing your Petra Azar necklace short or fashionably long. Connecting in the center through Petra's patented magnetic power clasp, this piece is a perfect methaphor for the love you share with the woman with a heart of gold!Expires Feb 6, 2012

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