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    Default Year Round School. . .

    <SPAN class="828013713-24072007">I was curious, how many of you have children that go to school year round? (I know that only a few schools have adopted this, but I was curious how many members on list have children in school with this policy, also, if they go year round, what state are you in?)
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    Anggie Thompson

    Default Year Round School. . .

    My kids did year round in elementary school. We are in NC. They loved it. My niece is in 5th grade now so this is our last year as year-rounders. They just started on July 16 and will go for 9 weeks, be out for 3 and go for 9 again.
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    The Rogers Family

    Default Year Round School. . .

    > I'm also open to uniforms in school from middle school up.
    > Not the plaid jumpers I had to wear to Catholic School...
    > just khaki pants or skorts with a Maroon polo shirts. My
    > kids don't think much of my opinions LOL.
    > Donna NJ

    Donna, I'll really make you jealous I guess. We have the modified calendar I mentioned earlier AND we have uniforms K-12. They are khaki or blue bottoms, white, blue or burgandy/maroon polos K-12, middle school also gets light blue shirts and high school gets to add red shirts. VERY easy, especially with three girls to get ready!! It is also a free public school (charter).

    > Where in NC are you? Are you near the triangle area?
    > Don't you just LOVE NC?

    Jill, we live in Wake Forest, right near the triangle area. There are even more year round schools here now. A lot of families are against the change (some became mandatory year round this year), but so far many love the new just takes some time to get used to. My girls have been in year round since Kindergarten, so they don't know any different.

    I do love NC. We've lived here for 13+ years now. At the time we moved here, pre-kids, I thought year round schools were nuts! Now I love them. They only review for the first week of the new year and the rest of the year it is all new. We take two long family vacations (where we see family and travel) a year and also get a couple of long weekend trips in. I also get to take a week now and again to go visit family, although my husband doesn't make those as the four other weeksand long weekends eats up allhis vacation time.




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