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    Default How to stop thumb sucking

    Thumb sucking may be cute in infants, but can become a real nusiance once teeth start to develop. Here are 3 methods for curbing thumb sucking:

    Special nail polish:
    Many big box stores (like walmart and target) carry a special type of nail polish that is non-toxic but produces a bitterness on the tongue that lingers. You simply "paint" the thumb with it. Be forewarned- some kids don't mind the taste.

    At Rite Aid, Walgreens and other pharmacies you can pick up a thumb guard which slides over the wrist/hand/thunb. These range in sizes and types including fabric and plastic.
    Orthodontic device
    Your childs dentist can recommend an overnight mouthguard to help curb nighttime thumb sucking.

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    Default Re: How to stop thumb sucking

    Bribery. My parents took me to Toys-R-Us. I was able to pick out ANYTHING I wanted....and I would be able to get it as long as I stopped sucking my thumb by the end of the month. I wore socks on my hands at night, to prevent me from sucking my thumb at night. I don't remember what I did to stop during the day. But, sure enough, I had my toy and the dentist was able to put the braces on my teeth.

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