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Angry Boo
Yubi Games
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 20, 2012

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Get ready for strategic arcade action in this sling-shot inspired platform bonanza! Download Angry Boo and start shooting from one web to the next through vividly themed game zones, angling Boo’s flight to catch as many coins as he can while avoiding mangy bats today!

Angry Boo is a straightforward, instantly addicting mobile gaming experience. Players help Boo get through levels by shooting him from one spider web to another while catching as many gold coins floating in between as they can!

Shooting Boo is simple yet extremely fun with the game’s intuitive controls: Just touch Boo, pull back either a bit or a lot to set the force of his shot, and move your finger up or down to set his trajectory. This gives players the freedom to shoot him in high arcs over short distance, straight and fast like a bullet, and everywhere in between to ensure they can always find the perfect move to get every coin that they come across!

A full mobile game, the action in Angy Boo takes place across 28 unique levels which take place on 4 differently themed game zones. Scoring in the game is simple and sweet, yet deviously engaging. Each collected coin get players 10 points, but if you can pick up multiple coins quickly you’ll be rewarded with multiplier bonuses for each coins! Get two coins in a row and the second one will net you 20 points instead of 10! Bag 3 coins quickly and the second and third coins will be worth 20 and 30 points a piece -- the point multipliers keep climbing to a maximum of 9 coins so the faster you go the richer you’ll get!

Ready to get social and test your skills online versus the Angry Boo community? Gamers can compete for high scores against other players online via Apple’s Game Center and Openfeint online leader boards. In an extra bonus, the app comes complete with iCloud integration which means that you can pick up and play YOUR Angry Boo game on almost any iOS device! Get ready, because this is one ghostly adventure that will have you gaming the hours away on your iPhone so fast it’s scary!


•Fast paced sling-shot inspired platform action.
•4 Diverse game zones.
•28 uniquely challenging arcade levels.
•Engaging coin collecting scoring system.
•iCloud online capabilities

•Integrated with Game Center
•Features interactive Openfeint online leaderboards.
•One cute ghost you won’t want to put down!

Angry Boo is developed by Yubi Games.

© 2011, yubigames

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