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    Default Budget program recommendations

    Last year, I got Microsoft Money and a divorce. After years of living

    with a spendthrift and feeling like I had no control over our money, I

    was actually looking forward to accounting for each penny I spent. I

    was a little intimidated by the complexity of Microsoft Money, and have

    been keeping track of my money spent in a little notebook since

    January. I realize now that if it's too complicated, I won't use it.

    Plus, I want to go back and enter all of my numbers since January, and

    catch up. I don't know that I can assign a date to the expenses using

    MS Money. So, I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a simple

    budgeting program available for free or cheap. I would really like the

    program to have the ability to do reports, because I am a visual person

    and the numbers hit home more when they're in a pie chart. If I can't

    find anything else suitable, I'll probably just wind up using Excel,

    but I'd prefer something with a few more features. Any ideas?


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    Default Budget program recommendations

    I have Quicken and love it. It is simple to operate and you can use

    it as extensively as you choose. I balance my checking account with

    it, just download the info straight from my bank. It has budgeting,

    investment, and other features too. You can select to show your

    spending by a time frame or category and put it into a pie chart or

    graph, it's great! Really does make you realize where your money goes.

    Good luck to you!


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    Jennifer Huff

    Default Budget program recommendations

    I second Quicken! I have been using it for probably almost 10 years

    and it is the only way I can budget and keep track of everything, and

    I have tried other methods.




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