Free kits, posters, books, and resources from the USDA Center for Nutrition
There is also some other cool stuff on the website like a personalized meal plan,etc...

Make Half Your Plate Fruits & Vegetables poster (1-sided, 36"x24") (see attached PDF) Single Copy

MyPlate mini-posterMyPlate mini-poster (2-sided, 8.5" x 11")

What's on your plate? Single Copy Pack of 25

Qu hay en su plato? (Spanish) Single Copy Pack of 25

Dietary Guidelines consumer brochure (4 pages, 8.5" x 11")

Let's eat for the health of it Single Copy Pack of 10

MyPlate wall poster (2-sided, 20"w x 16"h)

blue MyPlate/ magenta MyPlate Single Copy

yellow myPlate / green MyPlate Single Copy

USDA111 USDA Recipes for Child Care (Qty limit: 1)

USDA157 Fruit & Vegetable Challenge Poster Kit (Qty limit: 2)

USDA147 Read It Poster (Qty limit: 2) (Middle and High Schools Only)

USDA190 Nibbles for Health (Qty limit: 1)

USDA217 Grow It, Try It, Like It Kits (Qty limit: 1)

USDA218 HealthierUS School Challenge Brochure (Qty limit: 1) 1 pkg = 50

USDA219 HealthierUS School Challenge Application Kit (Qty limit: 1)

USDA172 Rolodex Cards (Qty limit: 1)

USDA159 Team Nutrition Folder (Qty limit: 1)

USDA221 MyPlate Poster, Blue & Magenta background (Qty limit: 1)

USDA222 MyPlate Poster, Green & Yellow background (Qty limit: 1)

USDA225 Make Half Your Plate Fruits & Vegetables Poster (Qty limit: 2)


USDA154 Fruits and Vegetables Galore (Qty limit: 1)
USDA161 Offer versus Serve Resource (Qty limit: 1) (Available for School Districts Only)
USDA178 Recipes for Schools (Qty limit: 1)