My name is Maria & we live in VA. I just joined & am looking forward

to reading the archives when I get a chance. I am married with 5

children & homeschool as well (4 in the fall). My dh just started

his own insurance agency so we are now on an even tighter budjet than

before. Some of the things I try to do to cut back expenses are;

buying in bulk, using energy efficient lights (although I didn't keep

the receipt) I also keep all my blinds down in the summer time to

help keep the house cooler. We live in the country so I plan my

trips into town to make the best of it, less time & gas. Something I

started a few months ago was to round up on my checking account (if I

spend $6.40 I subtract $7.00, although the correct amt is there for

balance purposes) at the end of the month I get a small amount of

money that has been saved & transfer that to my savings for the

future. My biggest expense is food & I need to learn how to save even

more. I plan on havig a garden next year but my problem is storage.

I'd like to can, but have no place to put my items. Any suggestions

would be appreciated.