Some things I do to save maybe brought up before I joined ?

Put a soda bottle plastic 1 liter cap plastic filled with water in

your toilet tank to save water also , water saver shower head .Also I

got a brita water pitcher well I bought that for me low and behold the

kids drink water .pur has the flavor stuff too the website gives $5

off coupons . Also I hang clothes when I can .In summer check with

schools usually 1st through 5th feed children free during school

months .My hubby is army I have found several states that do.They have

to feed summer school children and will feed any children even if not

attending .I saw Angel Food pantry its great I love it .Also get with

maybe 5 women you know make a meal for 20 ? Divide up ingredients to

save money .Freeze it for meals on soccer night lol.Alot of churches

have a wed. night meal you pay $10 for family to eat .Im baptist .

Cheaper than a resturant and you get fellowship. well Hope this helps

someone ?