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Master Dealer
inEarth Central
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 17, 2011

Use your powerful mafia influence to conquer territories, expand your network and rise to the top as the true master dealer. The iPhone and iPad version of this game is exactly the same as the game on Facebook, so current Facebook players can play the same great game on the go.

- Connect to your Master Dealer island on the web!
- Choose from a variety of cards and power ups to battle with.
- Struggling with a battle? Ask the god father for help to win.
- More friends you have that play, the bigger your army is, and more powerful you become in battles.
- Upgrade territories that you own to increase defense and rent.

- The more territory you control and upgrade, the more money you receive in rent.
- Other players can help you win back territories using the bounty feature.

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