Ideas to help you save money

By: Chaele McMillan

Make a distinction between what you need and want. Get ready to save


1) Before buying those pair of shoes. Ask yourself do you really need


How many times are you really going to wear them?

2) Before making apurchase over 50.00 wait 5 days. If you still want

the item go buy it. Most of them time you will find that you really

did not need it.

3) Know where your money goes. You will be surprised to see how much

we spend money on eating out, going to the movies. Chart where your

money is going.

4)If you get a huge tax refund or a rich Aunt dies, dont spend all

the money. It is great to save.

5) Don't use credit cards. If you do use a credit card where you have

to pay it off that month.

6) When you go shopping pay with cash. I do this everytime I go on a

shopping trip. I normally come back spending less and it is nice to

have money left in may wallet.

7) Dont have subscription to magazines. Go to the library and read.

8) Shop around. The internet is a great tool to shop around. I love

to use bizrate.

9) Take your lunch to work with you. Only allow yourself to eat out

once a month.

10)Clip coupons. If you save 10 a week on groceries. That is 520.00

at the end of the year.

11) If you have kids, you go through the batteries. Buy rechargable

batteries and recharge them when the toy dies.

12) Write a letter instead of calling and spending money on long


13) Buy clothing that will last. Cheaper isn't always best

14) Shop around for insurance. Shopping around can save you some


15) Think twice before buying a new car. Remember 5 years can be a

long time to make payments. Try to save money by buying last year's


Also look at demo's.

Keep in mind you can make cuts and if you find you want it back you

can put it back in your budget. Dont live beyond your means.

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