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Outblaze Ventures
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 18, 2011

It's the smallest war in the world!
Use viruses to invade!

1. Move a growing virus.
-Tap your area (red one) and the destination you want your virus to move.
-The number on your area will determine the strength of the virus that it will release.
-Your objective is to occupy all areas.

2. Protect your area from an enemy virus.
-When your virus collides with an enemy virus, the one with a lower number will be defeated and will disappear. The number of the weaker virus will be deducted to the number of the stronger virus. (ex. 43 22 = 21)

3. Your viruses must occupy all areas to clear a stage.

-The player will lose the stage when enemy viruses occupy all areas.

All 12 stages are free to play.
Additional stages are available for purchase as downloadable content.

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