I just got back from Kroger on Saginaw HWY in Lansing (Michigan- for the boards I'm posting to that are out of state). This week, they had a deal if you bought 3 boxes of General Mills Cereal, you get 3 half gallons of milk free (any variety- including chocolate).
They also have some GM cereal's on sale- 3/$6, and 3/$5. Additionally, in the cereal aisle tonight, there was a coupon for $.75 off any 2 boxes of Cheerio's (which is GM, and on sale). So, I get my cereal, and pay $5.25 for 3 boxes of cereal and 3 half gallons of milk.. not bad, right? Then, as I checked out, I got a coupon for 1 free gallon of milk, courtesy of GM, plus $1.50 off any 4 boxes of GM cereal. Which means that next time I go in, I can grab 4 boxes for $8, take 2 of the $.75 coupons and get $1.50 off, plus the $1.50 off coupon I have- paying $5 out the door for 4 more boxes of cereal, 3 half gallons of milk, and possibly
getting another coupon for another free gallon of milk! Hope some of you out there can take great advantage of this sale!

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