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    Tracy Dee Rios

    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    You can also try craigslist -- there are lists for

    most major cities. It'd be worth a try.

    Tracy Rios sends....

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    Amanda Graham

    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    Not sure about the rings, but you can donate the dress

    to Goodwill. They sell wedding gowns (here in KY

    anyway) for $25.00.


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    me ow

    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    you may want to check out your local consignment shop

    because they sell the wedding gowns and they take a

    portion of the cost.

    You may also want to check you good will agency or

    salvation army for the dress. Only be careful because

    hubby and me cannot use the tax deductions from

    donation to charitable organizations like we used to.

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    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    I had a gold nugget w/ a thingey to put on a chain for $30.
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    And rest assured - it won't appraise for near what you paid for it!

    I have a set (just split from my husband) and I have his ring as well (he threw it at me) - all

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    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    Ha ha - I love it! Melt it down - but what to do with all the stones? Hmm - just remembered that I have a friend that makes jewelry - I should speak to him - maybe make something for my daughter
    Thanks for the idea! Lois

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    Ginny Thomas

    Default Selling engagement/wedding rings

    <div style="font-family:bookman old style, new york, times, serif;font-size:12pt;">Have your rings appraised and then sell them on Craigslist. Make sure that you get the appraisal in writing so that you can give to the buyer to guarantee that the rings are real. Also meet in a public place to sell therings. I would meet at a jewelry store in a mall. The jeweler can then verify the rings are real and you are in a safe environment.

    You will get more $ selling them this way than to a jeweler or pawn shop.


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