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    The Victors

    Default how do I get rid of gnats???

    have been invaded by gnats! I have made sure I have no food laying around, but
    they are still swarming around my kitchen, bathroom, even in the closets! I
    have three kids and three dogs, and between the doggy doors and the kids going
    outside to play, they are coming in in droves. Is there a natural way to get
    rid of them, anything that will repel them? I do have 2 plants in my kitchen
    window sill I guess I will be moving to the front porch if I need to.


    in OK

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    Michelle Belt

    Default how do I get rid of gnats???

    Apple Cider Vinegar... a jar with a lid and holes in the lid ..
    I use this all the time and it works great!!..
    Seems I keep giving this one out to all the groups...LOL
    I know it works for me GL!!!

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    have been invaded by gnats! <div style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);font-size: 1px;">.

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    Michelle and Stephen in PA
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    Default Re: how do I get rid of gnats???

    I have tried following methods and these work like a charm:
    1. We have used Dish Soap with luke warm water it works superbly against fungus gnats.
    2. We also had success in using apple cider vinegar trap against them.
    3. Gnats hate the smell of cinnamon so you could use it for keeping gnats away.

    I have come across a detailed resource that enlists some other methods:

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