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Virtual Lighter
iHandySoft Inc.
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: October 17, 2011

The most real and authentic lighter in your pocket! You'll even have the urge to light a cigarette with it. Choose your favorite style and show it off!

Long for a candlelight-dinner, but without a candle? Want to wave to the concert music, while forgetting to bring glow sticks? The vivid sound effect and delicate theme styles will meet your needs and realize your dream.

Flick, and sway. See what happens! Explore NOW!


- Itís just the SAME as the real one Ė open the lid, flick and get the flame!

- A library of themes with exquisitely designed skins.

- Vivid sound effect.

- Flame sensitive to motion and touch.

© 2011 iHandySoft Inc.

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