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Can Knockdown 2
Infinite Dreams Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: March 01, 2011

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Millions of players can't be wrong! The most addicting title of 2010 strikes back with new astonishing levels and even more precise sniper action! Once again your aiming skills will be put to test but this time more challenges await! Can Knockdown 2 is the ultimate sequel you've been wishing for - 3 amazing and rewarding game modes which will keep you playing all night long, high-resolution eye-catching gorgeous 3D graphics, full Game Center support, true to life physics, realistic sounds and so much more!

Fight against your own weaknesses while aiming and throwing balls at piles of cans in the improved and polished all time classic Can Knockdown! Prove your accuracy by destroying popping-up moving targets and fight against time in the new "hit-the-target" mode! Show off your skills and impress your friends while collecting bonuses and knocking down cans moving on a conveyor! Can Knockdown 2 is like three top-notch games in one - it will keep you, your family and friends hooked for months to come! Get this new iDreams title now and lose yourself in a world of addictive gameplay, amazing physics and global competition! Definitely a must have in your games collection!

Media Reviews:

"For such a simple concept, it is an excellent and original take on a classic carnival game." - iPhone Life

"Can Knockdown 2 is currently my favorite casual iPhone game, which I am highly addicted to." - Crazy Mike Apps

"Can Knockdown 2 has the feel of a party Wii game on your iPad, without the wrist injuries." - iPad Critic

"Everything looks so natural, as if you were really playing in the throwing of the sword in the street." - Orange iPhone

"Excellent graphics and sound furnish the game a high level of addictivity." - iPlayApps

"It is fast becoming my top time-killer app!" - iPhone App Preview

"Can Knockdown 2 is an outstanding example of creativity and enormous game fun factor." - iReviewt

"Excellent graphics, addictive gameplay - everything you need to play you captivated. Enjoy!" - Ukrainian iPhone

"We must warn you: this game is catchier than any other. Playing Can Knockdown 2 can cause addiction." - Letemsvetemapplem


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