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Genre: Games
Release Date: December 14, 2011

Swallow Frenzy:
Fish eat fish, a simple principle of the fish world. Player controls a lovely fish, the goal is to grow up your fish as soon as you can by eating smaller fish, meanwhile, avoid to be eaten by bigger fish, eventually you will grow up, become the king of the ocean.

It’s a cute game, and very easy to grasp, this game is suitable for wild rang of players, age from 4, to 100! Control all the fish’s behavior by simple finger touch on the screen.

Player can also use the help of items, to accelerate the process, there are more than 40 achievements waiting for the players to make, and easily share the joy and experience through Game Center and Facebook. Join the fish world, what are you waiting for?

Key items appear in the game include:
Star: Add extra score.
Feed Frenzy: Add frenzy combo.
Speed: Speed up your movement like fly.
Pearl: Add score and growth.
Mushroom: Shrunk down all your enemies, so you can swallow them!
Golden Fish: Promote your fish to next growth level.
1 up: Add extra life.

And a lot more…
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