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Haypi Dragon
Haypi Co., Ltd.
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 13, 2011

Another epic Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) released by Haypi Inc., Haypi Dragon features PVP, physics-based firing and lots of replay value with a variety of levels, tasks, ranks, achievements, magic, and syntheses waiting for you on this breathtaking journey.

You, the chosen of Haypi Town, start your journey to defeat the ancient beast. The journey is fraught with difficulties and danger, on your way, you need to capture, tame and train your dragons, they will follow you and assist you with their distinctive prowesses. Your servants are able to control rock or fire; capable of twining or freezing your enemies. All you need to do is drag and move your finger to command them with selectable abilities and skills. Make full use of your talent and intuition in targeting and calculating to challenge for a better score with advanced gaming.

- Simulated Physical Design
Real physical world simulation enables you to even feel the vibration when a bomb hits the ground. You can obtain more fun and a better sense of accomplishment after the demolition of your target. Donít forget about rocks in higher places. Be careful, you might get hurt if they drop off.

- Challenging Levels
You have no clue what your enemiesí next step will be. These henchmen of the ancient beast will fire to counterattack and they donít usually stand still. As the ancient beast is known for its Hailstorm Swooping and Ultimate Rage, abilities and skills will be helpful for you to pass the level.

-Diversified Dragons
With dragons of Rock, Fire, Plant or Ice Mastery and more than 100 kinds of abilities/skills, you can match them as freely as you like.

- Featured PVP
Supporting up to 4 vs 4 in a single PVP combat, you are able to invite and play with your friends and enjoy the fun from it! Surely, winners will be rewarded.

EASY GAMEPLAY- Playable for all ages. Your kids and grandmother will love it just as much as you do!
EXCITING LEVELUP- How many levels must a novice survive before we can call him/her a master? Come on! The adventure in Haypi has just startedÖ

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