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Mini Mining
Airy Labs
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 13, 2011
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From Airy Labs, acclaimed developer of the best and most fun social learning games in the world...

Experience Mini Mining, a fast-paced action memory game where players try to mine a variety of beautiful gems and other items out from the ground as quickly as possible. Play in single player mode in a race against the clock, or test your skills against your friends or other kids around the world in multiplayer. As you learn about the different gems and power ups, form unique strategies to win and become a memory master!

- Fun for ages 4-100 and beyond!
- Beautiful gems to match and mine out of the ground
- Mini Mining features both single player mode and a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer mode
- Join Mini Social and fill out your profile to visit and make new friends and celebrate your achievements together!
- Match a variety of fun power-ups that will give you an edge over your friends in multiplayer!
- Teacher-recommended for training memory and strategy

- Match the rockets to increase your own flipping speed
- Match the snails to slow down your opponents
- Match the lamps to catch a brief glimpse of all the gems!
- Match the sticks of dynamite for an explosive surprise
- Discover the different gems - some are more valuable than others!

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COMING SOON: Mini Minute!

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