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    Amanda Graham

    Default Daughters Wedding

    The only thing you can do is be there for her. My

    first fiancee caused our wedding to be called off just

    3 days before it was scheduled (long story short, I

    caught him "in the act" of cheating, he couldn't

    understand why I didn't want him to have a wife and

    grilfriend). Everyone tried to help me, but nothing

    worked, and I mostly just wanted to be alone. When I

    was ready, I talked to people about it then.

    Currently, I am planning my wedding to a wonderful

    man. If I had not had that earlier experience, I

    probably would not realize what a great man I have

    now. Your daughter will eventually find someone too.


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    rebecca bean

    Default Daughters wedding

    Hi I am not surprised you were able to save so much on your daughters wedding I

    was surprised you did so in such little time.

    I find I can always save a bundle if I have enough time to plan.I think its

    important to prioritize.Make a list about whats most important,

    The dress? the cake? flowers? Are being able to invite more people? Peggys

    daughters wedding sounded gorgeous.It was the same colors I had at my wedding.I

    had a candle light wedding. I thought the candle light would give the elegance I

    was looking for & candles are cheap.We bought candle

    holders at the dollar tree.Bought tall taper candles & tied ribbons with pink &

    lavendar ribbon draping the ribbon from one window to the next,

    each window had a one lit candle.We went to the cheapest florist in town & rent

    a couple of candlelabbras for the front. we had to pick them up,

    and a relative volunteered to return them.We had a young girl sing ( abeautiful

    voice) for 50.00.I know girls now who would do that if someone approached

    them. Call local voice teachers are performing studios . We used the churches

    piano player . Any way goodluck , you can do this inexpensively & still make it

    a dream wedding.--rebecca

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    Default Daughters wedding

    When we got married, everything I heard was "it takes a year to plan". So, we

    chose our wedding date a year away and went to book the church.

    We had everything planned within 6 weeks. Including booking the church,

    reception hall and photographer and d.j.


    rebecca bean <> wrote:

    Hi I am not surprised you were able to save so much on your daughters wedding

    I was surprised you did so in such little time.

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    Kari Carlisle

    Default Daughters wedding

    It's not that a wedding takes a year to plan, you have to book everything that far in advance. We set our date 6 months out, and it was unbelievably frustrating to find anyone available. We ended up having our reception about 50 miles from the church. I shed a lot of tears getting turned down by literally dozens of venues, photographers, DJ's and caterers. That's why you need to start a year in advance. Kari



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