List Price: $112.43 Deal Price: $68.95 You Save: $43.48 (39%)This kit comes with the selection of cleaning, dressing and wheel protection products that can help reduce brake dust by 80 percent. It cleans wheels and rims without harming even the most delicate of painted or anodized wheel finishes. This kit comes with everything you need to clean and protect and wheel finish. The wheel, rim, tire and trim kit includes one 16-oz. bottle of Sticky Wheel Gel, one 16-oz. bottle of Diablo Wheel Gel, one 16-oz. bottle of V.R.P (vinyl, rubber and tire high shine protectant), two premium tire and prim applicator pads, an EZ-REACH ultimate wheel and rim detailing brush, one ferret spoke and wheel brush for hard to reach areas, one 32-oz. Chemical Guys heavy duty sprayer bottle, and ten free wheel guard protectors that reduces brake dust by 80 percent.Expires Dec 26, 2011

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