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    Don Calkins

    Default Comments on kitchen gadgets

    Our esteemed list-owner indicates in her eBooklet that she has few if any

    kitchen gadgets, sticking pretty much to a crockpot, hand mixer, vacuum

    packager, pressure canner and freezer. Those are my most common kitchen

    appliances also. but I have a bunch of the other highly advertised thingies


    I figure if they save time and perhaps my temper, or let me do something a

    little different; and if I can get them cheap enough, they are worth it.

    I'm also patient. After all, I'm 66 years old; a few weeks or even months

    aren't going to amount to a significant part of my life. So I prowl thrift

    shops and garage sales. Result - I've picked all kinds of neat gadgets for

    pennies on the dollar; some appear to be only months old and used once at


    Most I only use a couple times a year, but if I've only paid a couple

    dollars for them, I figure I'm coming out ahead.

    E.g. - a waffle maker. This is pretty old, stainless steel with bakelite

    handles, but the plates are in excellent condition. A couple times a year,

    usually in the winter, I get a hankering for pork sausage gravy on crisp

    waffles. It's been well worth the couple dollars I paid for it.

    I picked up one of those hot sandwich makers several years ago. I used it a

    few times and wasn't very impressed, but kept it around. Then a single

    mother near by asked if I would baby sit her grade-schooler when she had a

    chance to work the evening shift at a restaurant, a prime time for tips. I

    said yes, wondering about feeding a kid again. The first night on being

    asked what he would like for supper, he said, "Hot Pockets!" A 5 block trip

    to the day old bread store elicited his interest in pizza and tacos. So

    that first night we had pizza style Hot Pockets. Since then, I've put all

    kinds of things into that machine. Some he wasn't all that crazy about

    (e.g., tuna salad and cheese), but he's never refused to eat any of them and

    it hasn't cost me much of anything to fill him up the couple nights a month

    he stays with me.

    I've also gotten a George Forman Grill, hot water canner, all my canning

    jars, a ceramic knife sharpener, french fry cutter, small deep fat fryer,

    several crockpots, an excellent mini chef knife, odd sized heavy tin baking

    pans, bread maker, extra trays for my food dryer, stand mixer, immersion

    mixer and misc other things, most for $2 -> $3 each.

    Don C


    He who believes himself spiritual proves he is not.

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    Barbara Marlow

    Default Comments on kitchen gadgets

    I agree on the kitchen gadgets. I do have a blender and a mixer, and I use neither that often. After my last electric can opener broke, I decided no more. I use the manual kind now. I don't have room on the counter for electric anyway.

    I have a gas-powered lawn mower that I got from a freecycler - but I would much rather have the old-fashioned push kind.


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