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Pretty Pet Cinema
Dream Cortex
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 04, 2011

Thereís nothing like catching a movie on the big screen, but waiting in line to buy tickets or snacks can be a pain. On busy movie nights, have you ever wondered what itís like being on the other side of the counter? Well, hereís your chance to find out!

The adorable Cuby from the Pretty Pet series is back, and now heís running a new movie theater. He needs your help at the counter, so your job is to dole out tickets and snacks to all the eager moviegoers marching in.

Pay close attention to your customersí orders, and serve them quickly so they donít get impatient and leave. As the cinema gains popularity, more people will come and more options will be unlocked, giving you more potential income, but also more work!

Certain customers have certain preferences and quirks Ė keep them in mind or you might lose patrons. Youíll need speed and presence of mind to make your customers happy, so make sure to get the timing right and you wonít end up falling behind!

Be prepared! Every day at Peak Time, several customers will rush to the counter at the same time. If you canít keep up with the orders, you can always find and purchase upgrades for faster service and even more income!

With your speed and skill, you can turn Cubyís cinema into the most popular theater in town! This is time management at its finest, so whether youíre a veteran or a rookie in the genre, youíre sure to find Pretty Pet Cinema fun, addictive, and rewarding!

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