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Mini Catch
Airy Labs
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 26, 2011
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From Airy Labs, acclaimed developer of the best and most fun social learning games in the world...

Catch a falling star -- or other object -- and put it in your dump truck! Tilt, tap and turn your device as your truck fills with fun! Collect the right items and score points rapidly -- but watch out for bombs! Eat up the power gems and watch your score soar!

Mini Catch has 24 levels to challenge your every move and capture your brilliance. As you progress through each level, prepare to think faster. You&#39;ll have to move smoothly to level up. The more you play, the faster you&#39;ll learn!

- Tilt your device to catch falling gems.
- Tap your truck to empty it.
- Keep on the go to avoid the bombs -- but catch the power gems for more points.
- Look for the flag -- each one means success and a higher level!

- Simple, intuitive and fun to play
- Recommended for ages 5-13 -- but challenging enough for all ages

- Every play through is different - each level rule is randomly generated, with thousands of possible configurations
- Over 8 gorgeous HD backgrounds that captivate the imagination beautifully
- Teacher-recommended for teaching shapes, colors, math, decision-making, and pattern recognition

COMING SOON: Mini Mining and Mini Minute!

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