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Teddy Bear Maker
Orca Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 29, 2011

The huggable, Lovable 'Teddy Bear Maker' is available right at your fingertips.
Create, customize, accessorize and take photos with your own lovable Teddy Bear!


15 types of Teddy Bears of various colors and shapes.
Choose the Teddy that fits your style and taste.


Customizable with 250 different types of clothes and accessories.
Select background images that include nature, famous paintings and even pictures from your photo album.
Specialty clothes: Dress your Teddy Bear up as a movie star, celebrity or a symbol of different cultures.


Take pictures with your Teddy Bear and save to your phone's photo album.
Create and enter your Teddy Bear in weekly competitions to win awards and prizes.

Display your Teddy Bear photo on Facebook or via email.
Show your Teddy Bear off to the world!

Please contact us with any requests when you write a review.
Make all your dreams come true with every Teddy Bear Maker update!


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