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Book Of Heroes
Venan Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 22, 2011

To celebrate the launch of our latest free-to-play title BOOK OF HEROES, all of our iPhone and iPad titles are FREE as well, for this WEEKEND ONLY! Don't miss out!

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In a world where the stories of heroes haven't yet been written, anyone can become a legend!
Are you ready to write your own tale in the BOOK OF HEROES?


In the sleepy village of Glenfort, a great evil is awakening.
A hero will rise to meet it - will that hero be you?

- Complete quests and defeat powerful enemies to save your home and stop an ancient evil from taking over the world!
- Customize your hero from the ground up - choose your face, gender, hair style and more!
- Specialize in one of three classes - the powerful Justicar, stealthy Shadow Walker, or the wise War Mage!

- Outfit your hero with thousands of unique equipment options, each one affecting their appearance!
- Battle an army of beautifully-rendered hand-painted foes in fun RPG-inspired combat!
- Take on powerful bosses to earn rare equipment and valuable loot!
- Complete over 75 unique quests!
- Achieve over 25 different Feats of Heroism to increase your Hero Score!
- Use Game Center or friend Codes to share progress with your friends, view their heroes, and compete for the highest Hero Score in all the land!

This game requires an internet connection.

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