Thank you all for responses to my post about my 17 year old. To update: I was able to calm myself down by the time I got home and just handed my son the printout showing all the withdrawals from his savings. I calmly asked him what on earth he spent the money on. All I got was clothes (and this morning, movie DVDs). Great progress was made when he handed me his last paycheck to pay for his car insurance and it only leaves him with like $35. We talked about how much money he needed to pay for gas & have some spending money each week. I told him that if he saved $250 per month (it's doable, even working at McD's part-time), that I would contribute 10%. We shall see what happens next.

The funny thing about this kid is that he really likes to push my buttons. A couple of months ago, he was ready to sign up with the Army Reserves. I was adamently opposed to it due to the situation in the Middle East, but I came around when I found out what great college benefits they offered. I even emailed to get more recruiters to come. Heck, after some of our arguments, I was ready to sign him up and ship him off now! All of a sudden, since I'm on board with it, he is not interested anymore.....

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