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Lucky Nick
iDevUA Treelight Limited
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 21, 2011

The wash and luxurious white yacht floating in shining sea...
“Oh, if only my dream comes true…” – sighed Nick.
The stream of his thought was interrupted by the ring of mobile phone…

The guy lifted handset and heard woman’s voice.
Nick jumped at computer.

Several hours of laborious task and seconds of file download waiting.
It was the map with the plan of action for grandiose bank robbery!

Make sense of a conundrum, collect money to hire command! And do not get into the hands of police.

Do not miss your chance to achieve your dream!

Main characteristics::

- 10 playing locations;
- 9 characters in command;
- 111 levels of different complicity;
- various puzzles;
- perfectly performed graphics;
- diverse audio feedback.

© (c) NET Lizard LLP

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