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Genre: Games
Release Date: November 13, 2011

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PrePlay is an entirely new category of app… it’s a PREDICTIVE GAME. Your device syncs with the pro-football game you’re watching on TV, connects you with your friends, and instantly you’re in all-out competition predicting the plays right before they happen.

People who play the app say it’s:
“A better way to watch sports” – NY Times
“Sweet sweet competition with your friends” – The Webbys
“The next big fantasy game” – Forbes

There is no better way to prove you know more about football than anyone else and it doesn’t matter that your Fantasy draft already happened or that you’re downloading it mid-game, because the way it’s set up you can still win.

The app is more than just the game, though. We're thrilled to present “Charlie Says” – a new kind of sports writing. Charlie’s features and tip sheets will feed your pro-football need all week, and the famous “Charlie’s 5” game previews will have you maxing out your PrePlay score in no time. It’s all there right inside the app.

Think you could lead your own squad of 53 to glory? Prove it! Think you know better than what’s his face in the broadcast booth? Prove it! Think you know more than your buddies? Download PrePlay and Prove it!

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