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Monster Magic Free - The Action adventure jumping game
Secret Headquarters, Inc
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 22, 2011

**This app is universal. Download it for free on any iPad as well

12 Monsters. 4 Levels. Tons of crazy power ups that do everything from turn you into a magnet to flip the screen upside down.

Monster magic is like nothing else you've played!

"Very colorful and vivid…I recommend getting this one!" - App Advice


Guide twelve crazy monsters through mystical worlds in Monster Magic. Challenge your friends by competing for the high score and collecting gems along the way.

Here's just some of the awesome features in this FREE game:

- 12 different characters with different personalities.


- 4 different worlds that go on forever!

- 7 different types of tricky platforms (Some are good and some are bad!)

- There are 8 different power ups you can equip! Use them to blast to the highest score.

- Retina graphics! Looks amazing on iPhone 4 & 4S.

- Universal game that works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

- Jelly Fish enemies. Watch out for these guys and their tentacles.

- Randomized gameplay. Never play the same game twice.

- Endless game with months of fun!

Monster magic is from SecretHQ Games, the creators of the top 10 games Jump Pack and Maze+.

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