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Angry Chickens Lite
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 23, 2011

Angry Chickens Stories a game that never ends.
Features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based demolition

Fun and addictive game, use the destructive power of yours fingers to destroy the Angry Chickens and their eggs.

The fun is contagious in the Angry Chickens game.It is a simple, yet very very addictive game, requiring skill, determination and a little bit of luck.

Lot's of fun for young and old!!!


Fastest interface of any iPhone/iPad, iPod Touch game.
Combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate, and precise touch control.
An incredible 30 levels to complete
Think before you tap and be sure to avoid the enemies and obstacles.
Collect three golden stars in each stage. Some are easy, some are deviously difficult.

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