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15 mm 0.45,0.50, 0.60 mm

20 mm 0.45,0.50, 0.60 mm

25 mm 0.45,0.50, 0.60 mm

30 mm 0.45,0.50, 0.60 mm

40 mm 0.50, 0.60 mm

50 mm 0.60, 0.80, 1.00 mm

60 mm 0.60,0.80, 1.00mm

76mm 0.80, 1.00

85 mm 1.20 mm

90 mm 1.00, 1.20 mm

* Note : Special dimensions available on request

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Lids for Leftovers

Lids For Leftovers If you'd like a couple of free plastic lids for

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