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Rack Stare - The Sex Game
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: November 04, 2011

Ever noticed you canít stop yourself from looking at beautiful ladies? Ever been caught by a girl while gazing at her outstanding curves? Sometimes you just canít stop looking, although it might not end well!

In 'Rack Stare' you can practice at devouring every inch of a female body with your eyes while getting away with it! Try to stare at four beautiful ladies: Amanda, Natalie, Angelica and Kate.

So, here you are sitting next to a hot lady. Your head unavoidably turns in her direction as youíre trying your best to put on an indifferent face. Stare at the babe's mouth-watering decollete as long as you can without being noticed and gain achievements! The more you stare, the more points you get. Donít get too involved though, as you donít want to be slapped in the face by the furious woman!

Become the world's best Rack Starer now, and remember - staring at racks is good for your health.

Breast regards,
(.)(.) Stare Crew

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