-plant lilacs in the spring or fall

-find a spot that drains well (lilacs dont like to sit in water)

-the need to get atleast 6 hours of direct sun a day

-space plants 10-15 ft apart (6ft for hedges)

-dig individual holes that are as deep as the plants container and

about a foot wider.

-mix a dose of rose food or slow release, low nitrogen fertilizer

into the soil.


WATER during the first summer

water deeply only 1 time a week

After a year lilacs wont require watering unless the region is

experiencing a drought.

FOOD- Lilacs dont usually need food after the initial planting

PRUNING- Dont stress about pruning simply snip off the bloom stalks

once they withered.

Every few years cut off some of the old.


-gather lilacs early in the morning when they are full of moisture

and at there freshest.

-snip tightly budded stems the length you want, cutting just above

where the leaves join the stem.

-indoors, recut them at a angle and strip off leaves that might

otherwise touch and contaminate the water.

-change the water in your container every 2-3 days resnipping stems

each time

-lilacs should last a week

Kelly in IL