We travel a lot when possible. Mainly out of state to see my family. It is an
easy nine hour drive if the traffic is good. And I have a daughter who needs
to be entertained! We just got back from one of those trips this past holiday
weekend. And this is what I packed in her activity box.

You don't have to use a box. A durable canvas bag will do also. For this
trip, we had a bag and a box. Plus the box doubles as a work top.

3 Ladies type magazines. *great for cutting up, making paper dolls and such*
2 plastic grocery sacks for trash. One for each trip-coming and going.
10 crayons
One roll of tape
One ruled and bound spiral notebook. Begining of the school year they are
19cents at Target.. stock up!
One pair of child safety scissors-so the car's interior does not get poked.
3 books. Joke book, reading book, etc.
Coloring book, or pages printed off the net.
A checklist. Our checklist consists of things that we pass along each leg of
the trip. So each time we pass one by, my child knows how much closer we are to
getting to Grandma and Grandpa's Farm.

We also play a lot of silly car games. You can find some good ones if you dont
know any at http://www.familyfun.com plus they have great car games that you can print.
Here ya go: http://searchb.familyfun.go.com/familyS ... avel+games

Hope that helps some with summer traveling coming.