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(14%)The Global Love collection was designed for women who like to think, play, create, and reinvent. This solid sterling silver pendant features Petra Azar's patented magnetic power clasp, a new invention that offers unparalleled ease of wear while being a symbol of global love and unity. A set of custom-made neodymium (rare earth) magnets are invisibly inserted into each side of the clasp, allowing you to open and close the pendant easily in the front. The globe-shaped connecting station features a timeless half-satin, half-polished finish, and can be worn alone as a contemporary accent, or combined with Global Love bracelets or pendants for a variety of options. Combine the pendant with another pendant for a sleek, extra-long drop-down necklace, or connect it to a bracelet to create a cool station necklace or lariat. The "Love Is..." engraving on the inside of each connecting station communicates the designer's whimsical intention behind this collection, as it allows you to design your very own jewelry wardrobe for every occassion. No matter how you choose to wear this pendant, you will have a wearable piece of modern art, perfectly tailored for today's woman-on-the-go.Expires Dec 1, 2011

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