There is a certain beauty and romance that underlies roses and pearls, proven with this stunning set! This collection of pearl jewelry is classic in style and is simply pure elegance. The set includes a 16" Natural White 6-7mm Cultured Pearl Choker Necklace, a 7" Natural White 6-7mm Cultured Pearl Bracelet & a pair of 7.5-8mm Natural White Pearl Silver Studs. This set necklace and bracelet are rated AAA or LS1R2. Its luster is rated "AAAA" or "L" meaning excellent luster with sharp reflection; the surface is rated "AAA" or "S1" meaning virtually clean of 95% or better and the shape is rated "AA" or "R2" meaning it is off-round. Each pearl among the necklace and bracelet are carefully selected to be excellently matched. Each pearl is double knotted in between by hand to protect the pearls from rubbing against each other. The clasp is a beautifully carved rose in CAREFREE sterling silver. The earrings are rated AAAA or LS1B. The pearls are button shape with luster that is rated "AAAA" or "L" meaning it has excellent luster with sharp reflection and the surface is rated "AAA" or "S1" meaning it is virtually clean set on our CAREFREE sterling silver post. Our CAREFREE sterling silver is plated with quality Rhodium, the most tarnish resistant and most expensive member of the Platinum metals group. It virtually eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and polishing; increases surface hardness against incidental scratching and abrasion; and adds an expensive platinum look. Beautiful worn together as a set, or can be incredibly versatile and be worn as individual pieces.Expires Dec 1, 2011

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