All New Freebies Posted on our boards today:

FREE Coffee Sample - Batian Peak

Free EAS Product Samples

Medi Niche - Cream & Eye Drop Samples

Free Lead Poisoning Prevention Coloring Book & other Literat

Free Den-Tek samples

XHF Xtreme Health Formulas sample (2 capsules)

TOSaway Disinfecting Wipes

10,000 4-Piece Boxes of Gourmet Candies -5/17 Chicago

Poppies and Shasta seeds SASE

Free game for *Cingular* customers

Insight 4 pack coasters - US

i3 StatProbe V4.5 T-shirt

Free full sized Origins cleanser until 5/6 *Retail store onl

Free Pledge Multi Surface Wipes

Chips Ahoy! 100 Calorie Chewy Granola Bars (Start Sampling)

Coupon For Free Package Of Hearing Aid Batteries

Neighborhood Safety Check & Child ID Kits Child Safe Net

Free bathroom tissue / toilet paper ppc ltd

Free Sunsilk Anti Flat Sample from Start Sampling

Free $5 Prepaid Mastercard

free rejection phone # (lol)!!!!

Free garage sale signs & stuff

Maybelline SuperStay Silky - StartSampling

Free sample of Potages Du Monde Soup

FREE Purple Paw Pin!

High Speed Tool Steel Weight Calculator

Bedda-Bella Pure Madagascar Vanilla, Wholesalers Only

Xocai Chocolate Sample

Free Corvette Magnet - USA

Free Army Knit Cap

Free QuakerŽ Granola Bites.

Free 30 day supply of Effisoy

Free Bottle of Nestle Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise

Free One Day Pass to Sam's Club{Guest Pass good through June

10 Louisiana Recipes booklet (email)

Free 2 liter bottle of diet 7-UP

FREE Nail Products from "Nailene" for being a Product Tester

Free 10 Two-Cent DYMO Stamps

Free Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco

Jack Daniels Dice and 2007 Calendar

Free State Travel Guides & Recreation Kits

FREE Ziploc Gift Pack

Mother's Day Gift from Nestle Good Start

Free Synvisc Knee Pain Relief Packet

Will Creation Toolkit American Cancer Society

Campbell Illinois Outdoors DVD

Hills Science Diet T-Shirt *first 5,000

FREE Whipped Liqui-Air Blush

(2 oz.) bottle of Head & Shoulders

Thank you to those who helped us work out the issues with our boards

yesterday, I think we have it resolved. (Hopefully!)