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    Default in expensive bathroom cleaner

    The Works Tub and Bathroom cleaner. I tried it because it was only 89

    cents. Removes soap scrum without having to use alot of elbow grease.

    It is a very good cleaner. But you do need to open a window when using

    it. You can find it at the Big Lots stores for under $1. Try it.

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    Default in expensive bathroom cleaner

    I get that at our dollar store here and it is a good cleaner. Yesterday I was quick cleaning the bathroom (4 males requires daily toilet clean ups yuck) and I was out of toilet bowl cleaner, my second choice is a liquid like Pine-sol or lysol, my last one was Fabuloso from the dollar store but I was out of that too. I have been experimenting with homeade cleaners with vinegar etc... Anyway I didn't have anything in the bathroom and didn't feel like going all the way to the laundry room/basement to get the bleach (I'm pg with triplets) so I put a few drops of citrus dog shampoo in the toilet and swished it around. LOL. Hey it worked, probably didn't kill the germs but hey it looked clean and smelled fresh. My mom had given me 3 big bottles of dog shampoo she got in a box of goodies at a yard sale last year, we only wash our inside dog once in a while so we still have them.



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