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Bumping Bears
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 27, 2011

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ďDear Bear Guardian! Show me how well you grow your bears on donut planet into fine mature bears!Ē said BEUS, the bear god.

***NOTE: Some game items are purchased with real money throug iTunes store. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your deviceís settings.


-Bears needs your hands: Play/Train(Work)/Sleep/Date/Take Photos... and love!

-Level up to foster more bears(up to 3) for longer and better!

-Unlock new costumes, donuts, decorations on level up!


-FIND guardian friends: Send your bear out to the real world! Bears will mingle and let you know other guardians nearby your location.

-SOCIALIZE with guardian friends: Send gifts or visit their planet and help take care of their bears!

-MEET guardian friends: Meet another guardian in person to let the bears DATE, get married and MATE! Youíll receive a newborn that looks so much like the parents!


-Make your donut planet and bears look awesome!

-Nurture your bear differently to collect various(70+) bear endings!

-Collect all ending illustrations, carefully drawn with the bearís own paws!

-Enjoy over 100000+ different looking bears!

You may experience slowness in iPad 1.

And it does NOT support devices below-
iPhone 1
iPhone 2
iPhone 3
iPod touch 1st&2nd gen.

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