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Tower Town
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Genre: Games
Release Date: November 09, 2011

Build a thriving metropolis one tower at a time!

Fill your town with Luxe Living Spaces and everything from Taco Shops
and Burger Joints to Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys!! Attract new
citizens and create amazing towers to earn bonuses!

Enhance your town with:

· Fancy Special Attractions – Space Shuttle Launch Pads,
Sports Stadiums & more!

· Charming Public Structures – Fountains, Gazebos, Abstract
Sculptures & more!

· Town Necessities – Mailboxes, Public Phones, Lemon Trees & more!

· Fun Fare - Hot Dog Carts, Ice Cream T*rucks, Balloons & more!
- Tower Town lets you purchase in-game items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature.
- Requires iOS 4.0+

- Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generations, iPad 1 and 2
- 3G or Wi-Fi access is required for In-App Purchasing
- This game can be played offline (In-App Purchasing not available)
Contact Us:
Twitter: @towertowngame

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