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Fire Fingers!
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: October 18, 2011

Set your fingers on fire like a caveman, BBQ enthusiast, or some kind of idiot, with Fire Fingers!

* Realistic fire simulation!
* Up to 5 flaming fingers at once!
* Drag your fingers around to control your fire.
* Hold in one place for a second to start a short burn fire trail.
* Hold in one place for a bit longer to start a slow burning fire trail and draw flaming pictures!
* Save or share your flaming images on Facebook.
* Use the menu to select different fire colours and more!
* Hypnotic flames to toast marshmallows over! (please note: marshmallows will not melt, the fire isn't real)

* Keeps your warm in winter! (please note: will not keep you warm in winter)

Pointless but strangely addictive, you have to try it for yourself!

© 2011 Useless Creations Pty Ltd.

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