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Puzzle Tales
Rivet Games, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 02, 2011

Join adorable puppies and kittens on 5 different adventures as you solve fun and challenging sliding tile puzzles that tell their stories!

Youíll have trouble putting this family-friendly puzzle game down, as each level you solve reveals the next plot twist of the Tale. Youíll be reminded of solving jigsaw puzzles as you piece together these delightful photos!

If you love puppies and kittens, youíll love Puzzle Tales - Play today!

Follow these fun-loving puppies and kittens on their latest capers! New Tales unfold as you complete puzzles and reach new levels. That's not all - these pets come to life when they voice what theyíre really thinking at the conclusion of each puzzle!

Tale 1: Shiba Pup Scouts
Tale 2: Kittens on Holiday
Tale 3: Bulldog Birthday Bash
Tale 4: Kitties' First Sleepover
Challenge Tale: Kittens on the Job

Piece your way through this fan-favorite puzzle game thatís unlike any you've played before. Use hints to help you complete puzzles, beat your best time and unlock new Tales!

The playful cast of Puzzle Tales stars the cutest puppies and kittens youíve ever seen. Once you've completed a Tale, visit your photo album to experience the cuteness all over again! Make a memory and share your adorable pictures with friends and family - anyone who loves puppies and kittens will love these photos!

Fun and challenging puzzles are waiting for you - play Puzzle Tales today!


If you love these puppies and kittens please rate Puzzle Tales FIVE STARS on the App Store!


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