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    Heather Herber

    Default March was a good month- April, not so much...

    All right, here's my earnings report for up until today, April 16th, 2007.

    Netwinner- $25 Gift Card
    Treasure Trooper- $86.85 Check
    Associated Content- $5 Paypal
    Pinecone Research- $10 Checks
    Judy's Book- $15 Gift Card
    Total: $141.85 February-
    Gather- $25 Gift Card
    Pinecone Research- $10 Checks
    Associated Content- $10 Paypal
    Treasure Trooper- $73.19 Check
    Cafe Press- $14 Purchased Item Free
    Netwinner- $25 Gift Card
    Weekly Reader Insiders- $20 Gift Card
    Total: $177.19 March-
    Treasure Trooper- $116.92
    Gather- $50 Gift Cards
    Speedy Rewards- $25 Gift Card
    Associated Content- $12.21
    Pineone Research- $10 Checks
    Netwinner- $25 Gift Card
    Total: $239.13 April-
    Treasure Trooper- $23.67
    Pinecone Research- $5.00
    Total: $28.67 Obviously, April is WAY down from where I'd like it, but I've been busy and haven't had a chance to really do much here, or at Netwinner. I also haven't completed more than 2 offers at Treasure Trooper, so that's way down, as well. Hopefully, I can get a $25 gift card here, and maybe up my earnings to $40 total at Treasure Trooper. That
    would put me at $70 for the month. Not great, but I would still be averaging $125 per month. Actually, even if I stopped earning RIGHT NOW, I'd still be over $140 average per month, due to the AMAZING amount last month.

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    Kim Swihart

    Default March was a good month- April, not so much...

    Heather, can you tell us approximately how much time you spent each month

    earning those amounts?



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    Default March was a good month- April, not so much...

    Well... I guess it depends on which one. I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm

    online a lot. At, for instance, it's easy for me to spend

    more time there. It's a page where you just post whatever, make

    connections, talk to people, etc. You earn points for posting, and when

    you earn points, you cash them in for gift cards. The more you post,

    the more you talk, the more connections you make with other people, the

    easier the points are to earn. I probably spend about 2 hours a day (on

    and off) on a good day at Gather.

    Other times, I don't post or visit it more than once every few days.

    With Treasure Trooper & Netwinner both, I earn money based on what my

    referrals earn, so a majority of the money I earn is from that. Time

    wise- I spend less than an hour a week at Netwinner now. I'm no where

    near getting a gift card, but since the updates, the site moves so

    slow, and it bogs down my whole cpu when I do visit it.

    At Treasure Trooper, I'd say about 20-30 minutes a day IF I'm doing

    offers. If I'm not, I only visit it for a moment or two a few times a

    day to check if I've earned anything more at the site.

    With Pinecone, I only visit when I get a survey invite to my email. The

    survey's take about 10 minutes to complete, and I'm averaging 2 per

    month lately.

    With Weekly Reader, the kids log in about twice a week to check for new


    Treasure Trooper right now is by far my best, but it's hit and miss.

    You really have to get the hang of it. Here's what my checks from there

    have been since I started:

    Date Offers Shopping Referrals TOTAL

    2007-04-16 $ 36.75 $ 0.00 $ 80.17 $ 116.92

    2007-03-14 $ 2.50 $ 0.00 $ 157.54 $ 160.04

    2007-01-15 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 31.15 $ 31.15

    2006-12-09 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 41.72 $ 41.72

    2006-11-12 $ 26.70 $ 0.00 $ 65.59 $ 92.29

    The last number of each line is the actual amount for my check. The

    first number of each line shows how much of it was earned directly by

    me, and the 3rd number shows how much of it was earned directly by

    referrals, either 1st or 2nd levels.

    I get 20% of what my 1st levels earn (above what they earn, it doesn't

    hurt their earnings at all), and I earn 5% of what their referrals

    earn, again, above what they earn.

    --- In, "Kim Swihart" <2kids2dogs@...> wrote:


    > Heather, can you tell us approximately how much time you spent each


    > earning those amounts?


    > Thanks,


    > Kim>


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